The Fractured Season

by Gorazde

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Recorded at Metropolis Studios 2012
All music/lyrics by Jeremy Moore*
Cover concept/design by *
Mixing/mastering/production by *


released December 24, 2012

Gorazde is:
Jeremy Moore: vocals/guitars/bass/percussion/effects



all rights reserved


Gorazde Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.’s Gorazde is the doom/psych studio project fronted by sole musician Jeremy Moore.

Initial demo recordings began in 2005 with the debut album "This Carrion Underground" surfacing in 2010.
2017's "Dance Of The Opium Eaters" (EP) sees Gorazde abandoning the darker blues roots of previous releases for a rougher take on psych, drone and noise rock.
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Track Name: Praxis
you are the source of empty faith
black sun in your eyes
as you crawl through the mirror
beast of Horace, feast on the damned

my heart is on fire
this ecstatic pain
mercy never comes

my soul is on fire
and you are the same
mercy never comes
…in this hour of descent
Track Name: Melt the Walls
sadistic one
a necessary fate
my lord and maiden
behold this virgin death
you are my fatalist
in the grip of this god’s caress

i am your father
you are my desert sun
my lord and maiden
angel and whore
with tears of virgin black
you confess your lies to me
you are my succubus
in the grip of this emptiness

your sickness
of instinct
death evocation
no dream could ever spare

star of Set, branded like
your bleeding heart
dry in these dying hands

i revel in the sins of hell
i carry forth your will
as promulgation
blackened hand
will be my instrument
to condemn this world to death
Track Name: Crone Goddess
i summon thee
infernal god of broken time
with sodden tears, i weep
for the nameless bitch

haunt me from inside
your tongue around my neck
fucking my dreams
i am a servant of sadistic fantasy

your fallen name
crooked cross upon your lips
i recognize the day
this world would burn to sodden shit

haunt me from inside
this rope around my neck
fucking my dreams
i am a servant of sadistic fantasy

i am your sacrifice
i am the cost of fate
in the slime i feel your touch
dissolving ecstasy

what i want could not be sane
bathed in blood you’re calling
all you give i ask for
virgin flood will be your grave

i am your sacrifice
compulsive masochist
in the slime i feel your touch
dissolving ecstasy

what i want could not be sane
bathed in blood you’re calling
all you give i ask for
the blackest love will be your name

the night returns to pull you under
suffocation staves
the bleeding thing between your legs
a darkness that stares back
when you close your eyes
i’ll be your master
Track Name: Outer Body Abyss
the fire returns
this tide of black
rivers carved in flesh

bleeding from the sun
body without end
repentance for the sake of none

all i see
all i feel
void of a thousand days
a plague revealed
to those who seek it
burning in your hell
is the worth the wait
Track Name: Your Weight in Sulfur
in the darkness of your light
you know i’m coming clean
to end this game
i’ve known the godless in your heart
now pull the blessed switch
and end this fucking stalemate

and save me

in the darkness of your eyes
i’ve seen reflections past
beyond the global arc of time
i’ve seen the godless in your soul
now fucking let me in
to share the throne of begotten angels

now save me

helpless fuck, virgin to
your punishment
seeker of invidious reward
from the serpent to the vein
i’ll be your brother
in time we will share this pain

you pray but the body still burns
unrestrained rivers will flow
plague-ridden rats grow stronger

here your dreams are born to suffer
unrestrained rivers will flow
how deceptive the lure of power

sickness to dust
this tomb will be my penance
ashes to rest
this fire will be my altered state
i am the light
conceived by the damned

traitors deny
this act of coronation
sentence of death
their blood on my hands
i am the one
forging all lost prophecies
i am the light
leader of the damned

vermin feast on this carnal tomb
sacred temple of blasphemy
understand it’s my soul that bleeds
born from the void of life

pagan father, we are one
in this sacred temple of lies
understand it’s my soul that bleeds
born from the void of life
Track Name: Two Eyes Become One
insurgency awaken
dead flesh taut
fuel for the lesser keys
Baal transform me
in the silence of death
our hand will rule
in the fallen name
in the better name

city is dominion
godless faith
fuel for the lesser keys
death transform me
endless vision of light
my soul will bleed
for the fallen name
for the better name

in the final days
a vision behind the skull
my poison cleanse the blessed
a weapon to kill the soul

in the final days
a vision beyond the sun
my poison bleed the sick
a weapon to cleanse the soul

freeways leveled
exits close
who has the guts to claim
this hell as their own?
Track Name: Abattoir Sun
acid rain scald my eyes
rotting soil fill my veins
i greet your smile with baited breath
untold, reborn, to see beyond this dream

return to the estranged
repulsed by the coldest touch
until reborn i reap the fallout
misery is ordained

dead names call
branding initiates
i choose to burn
for my mistakes
this day of suffering
will come for all

rebels born again
to rule this urban wasteland
spirit of decay
purged of worthless fate

radiation frost
a seething human wasteland
spirit of decay
purged of human faith

predictions smashed
face of lies melting into stone

crawling for the sun
crafting your dreams
only to find this life
was meaningless for all who tried
Track Name: Crossroad Black
i smell you on this urban night
in shadows where deals are made
searching again
for clarity with a bullet in the head

open altar awaits
the day of my return
vomit from the mouths of swine
pleading for their fucking lives

sacrifice in vain
there is no afterlife
world of hunters born
afflicted by the knife

radiant black
i am the one you seek
in praise of certain death
in the eye of eternal sleep

you think your life is sorrow-filled
i’ll show you fucking tears
i am the killing fields

hesitation, the only mistake
loathsome cowards
could never end this final act

cleansed of your faith
your body returned to earth
sacrificial slaves
impaled by their selfish lust
Track Name: Immolation Hymn
poker face can’t hide this death mask
no reason to change your ways
all along you’ve felt the blade in your back
their time to mourn for better days

in the silence, her smell is coming close
i see the angle, motherfucker
that day of suicide the weak will come to terms
and you’re left with the pain you know

you feed…fleshless…god of death
the seething blood of anarchy

this diadem of flames
the strength to bring this world
to its knees
a twisting of the knife
sadistic in its reign