The Catechism

by Gorazde

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Recorded at The Prisoner's Cinema 2015.
All music/lyrics by Jeremy Moore*
Mixing/mastering/production by *
Cover concept/design by *
Copyright 2015.


released January 6, 2016

Gorazde is:

Jeremy Moore: vocals/guitars/bass/percussion/effects.



all rights reserved


Gorazde Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.’s Gorazde is the doom/psych studio project fronted by sole musician Jeremy Moore.

Initial demo recordings began in 2005 with the debut album "This Carrion Underground" surfacing in 2010.
2017's "Dance Of The Opium Eaters" (EP) sees Gorazde abandoning the darker blues roots of previous releases for a rougher take on psych, drone and noise rock.
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Track Name: Nomad Codes
Track Name: Servants Of Dying Light
servants of dying light________

I am your slave
your blood as sweet as jade
suck the nail from the coffin's head
you'll lie in the bed I've made

i could save you
a breath and escape
if you only knew
you were dead anyway

trust in fate
last wish unfolds
suck the nail from the coffin's head
and pray for death--
what the sickest love beholds

servant's lust
death wish unfolds
first murder, sweeter than jade
you'll die in a sea of flames
Track Name: The Red Sands
the red sands________

white rose withers
innocence dies in your sleep
counter moves, waiting game
a pleasure dies in me

i will tear you from his arms
until you beg for my love
i will cut you down and
hang you in thy name

slow annihilation
innocence dies in your keep
passion's cold decay
twists into what I feel

i will cut you down and
hang you from the river's edge
as we bask in this sudden death...

born of light
bathed in blood
holy crimes forged in the sun

born of light
bathed in blood
salt wash away
we share the knife
Track Name: Death Worship
death worship________

in torture’s name we pray
i will break the weakest will
in this river of pain you’ll
die for me
and say my name

tears of black
mar your soul
i will crown your darkest day
in this river of shame
you’re dying
nothing kills like i do

empty words
drip on my lips
cold eyes, begotten love
the flesh of will, in my grip
behold the blessed hands of death

wings of hell descending
as i fall into its arms
i smell the blood of trinity
in the dying bitch at my feet

you say that Judas is my name
a brand of pain i can't deny
masochistic ecstasy

dead names carved in your skin
feast on the eyes of bestial
white stains, infliction, ecstasy
Track Name: Black Zenith
black zenith________

the sky no longer heals
blood turns to ash
city in flames
on your knees before the cross

a bottle of pills
a life of no returns
just the same and we'll die
where lesser light shines

you are my dawn of everlasting
i am your pain
god of emptiness
bringer of despair

alive to drink this cancer and
i am your pain
god of everlasting love
captor of hell
Track Name: Gateways

from the black you come
ageless child born from none
from the night you call
as of old, one and all

bound to my will
surround me with your love
we are compelled to see
death as the final dream
Track Name: When The Torment Comes
when the torment comes___________

take my time, while your body cries
consumed by the song
of brighter years undone

slow approach, smooth hand prevails
consumed by an urge
with no means to an end

we dance to the song
of brighter years undone

some call it mercy
when the torment comes

a misery too close to feel
the devil's hand
just bright enough to see
consumed by a love
too dead to be real

we dance to the song
of brighter years undone

some call it mercy
when the torment comes

vision has no meaning
when this sickness closes in
betrayed by the only love
that kills us from within
Track Name: Psalter Of Cain
psalter of cain_________

lord of pain
in the mirror saviors rise
god of false heavens
like tears in your eyes

your hunger’s curse is poison
i wear your blood like a shroud
hanging lies, sufferance and pose
the faceless noose

i killed my brother today
to save myself
angel's sickening
in the words of our father

drown in desolation
could you be the one
to save me with a gun
unholy light returns again

betrayal in my eyes
could you be the love
to serve this obsession
unholy light returns again
Track Name: Altars

you are my breath
you are my love
we hide in shadows
a second time

caress your body
you'll rest, my sun
we cry in silence
as seconds die
Track Name: A Coma Of Cures
a coma of cures_______

the sun will rise again
you said
i’m alive behind the walls
dead beneath your love
flares fall splendidly
as we lie…waiting for the call
Track Name: Summer's Ending Fire
summer's ending fire______

why do you burn so cold?
on the ash of power and pain
how could you bleed so soon?
come into this world
of blame and regret

how could you leave so soon?
before i had a chance to live
why are your lips so cold?
when our love hasn't died