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Our Sleeping Skin (Remastered)

by Gorazde

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You’re begging to die Questing for knowledge when tears are no escape Sadist, watcher Dead eyes reborn in states of being It’s faceless Your touch caressing the frayed It’s nameless Dead hands caressing the blade Exploiting the process of fear Bleeding the faithless Thirsting for solace Unquenchable bastard of lies Exploiting the process of fear Harness the malice Thirsting for dominion Unquenchable sadistic reign
A seed of virulence reborn where thoughts become our plague Your mind’s vacancy A cursed gift when death befalls our name Sickness—blood, wash it away Fleshless—sorrow, wash it away Persistence—return to what is real The prodigal son will fall…
I’m the pain that you yearn to escape I’m the love that dies in your arms Dead memories born from mistakes Final stench of regret undeniable You feel my touch Inhumane You wear my flesh— from the dying womb You wear my face Eternal servant You bleed my name— in the silence I’m the pain that you yearn to reveal I’m the wound that time never heals Dead memories fuel this decay Final stench of regret undeniable You feel my touch Inhumane You wear my flesh Eternal servant These falling walls A dying light rewinds Return to those who share the mark of Cain
Beguiling sufferance and loss Blistering fragments of us The whispers growing stronger— from the sting of agonal frost The shapeless closing in A beast perverting nature Beguiling sickness remains— To infest this breathing shell The feeling inside— compels you to die The shadow surrounds you And nothing shall remain
The tide returns to cleanse us Serial butchery Life’s invisible blade Cascading long divide Apathy rewards the takers Desensitized In death, only the will sustains Follow me to the edge of the seventh sun Find solace in retreat Condemn this body to the sea
Shattered lives remind us On the days we rot in the sun Sacrifice compelled through fear Your flesh will burn Your will to serve just to veil the vicious divine Kill the words to find meaning in something more than hopeless attrition Your mind will bend at the will of grand deceivers I’m counting ways to settle the score My god is parricide Your name is part of us Awaken from this recess As black suns burn to dust
Entombed under the surface Frozen majestic waiting to rise Laid to waste Pacifist, prophecy obscured Pacifist, nature of flesh enslaved Breeding the weak Abhorring the pleasure of pain Frozen majestic waiting to rise… Pacifist, spilt blood of the pure Pacifist, eras of death endured Whore for the pleasure of pain Your soul laid to waste
I know you’re lying When eternity speaks your name Fatal prophecy to feast on this flesh Save your tears for the shroud Reaching through your eyes Tortured dreams of this crippled messiah Your knife won’t hesitate To reap its reward Living through your eyes Your dreams will manifest this blessing of death
This is darkness The path you walk is long A soul is ageless Disciples born to fall The reasons why The pain begins A hunter’s curse to serve The only god within


Recorded at Grotto Six December 2017-March 2018.
All music/lyrics by Jeremy Moore*.
All mixing/mastering/production by *.
Original cover artwork by Zdzislaw Beksinski; adaptation by *.
Copyright 2018.


released April 18, 2018

Gorazde is:
Jeremy Moore: vocals, lead/rhythm guitars, bass, drums/programming.


all rights reserved



Gorazde Washington, D.C.

Occult/psychedelic rock from Washington, D.C.

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