Dance Of The Opium Eaters

by Gorazde

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"Dance Of The Opium Eaters" was written with an emphasis on low fidelity, raw, improvised sonic textures manipulated with analog synth technology. All songs were conceived during extended studio sessions; the final tracks were all samples of a much larger whole, with lyrics, additional guitar melodies, and percussion added when needed. The songs miraculously found their way out...kind of like twisting into form of their own volition.


released April 27, 2017

Gorazde is:

Jeremy Moore: vocals/guitars/bass/percussion/noise

Recorded at Grotto Six February-March 2017.
All production/mixing/mastering by Jeremy Moore**.
All music/lyrics written and performed by **.
Cover concept/design by **.
Copyright 2017.



all rights reserved


Gorazde Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.’s Gorazde is the doom/psych studio project fronted by sole musician Jeremy Moore.

Initial demo recordings began in 2005 with the debut album "This Carrion Underground" surfacing in 2010.
2017's "Dance Of The Opium Eaters" sees Gorazde abandoning the darker blues roots of previous releases for a rougher take on psych, drone and noise rock.
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Track Name: I Am The Curse
Kneel in this river of blood
Let your hands be the gate
Compulsive defilement
A Feral urge
In a land of dead brothers
we wait
Message through dreams
Wind of broken tongues
guides all blind hunters
A Feral urge
to stave extinction
In the land of the godless
I am the curse

Birth, famine, exsanguinate
Drink this river of blood
Feral urge
to starve, to inflict
Sated belief in the wickedness of men
Song of wretched tongues
The voice of dead believers
Compulsive urge
to stave redemption
In the eyes of the godless
I am the curse
Track Name: Nails
In your eyes
I can see myself again
Decrepit and serene
Predestination savior
Come taste of where I’ve been

Master, invisible
Cold lips caress my skin
Master, insatiable
You’ll drink of what I’ve seen

In your eyes
I conceive the blessing
Wretched and misled
Predestination lies
In the hearts of those who survive

Master, invisible
Black light let us in
Master, insatiable
Come lick these tears of sin

In your eyes
I can see the end again
Passage of space and time
Predestination savior
Come live a thousand lies
Track Name: Bury Your Needs
Cover scars to prove you’re
worth your weight
Covet the love you sell your soul
to keep
Revocate your faith
in love’s gift of favors
Broken flesh is the honor
of unpaid debts

Kill the ones you told yourself
to save
Condemn the love you know
you should receive
Restore your twisted faith
in pain’s gift of pleasure
Broken trust is the honor
of certain death

Servitude is the lie
you’re born to live
in this dying hour of need

Cover scars
to prove yourself a slave
in the eyes of no one
Track Name: Exorcism Of The Crown
Trust undone
The season’s right
I don’t mind
trading your faith for mine

Sleepless nights
Coercion and pain
I don’t mind
an easy fall from grace

Abandon it all for you
for what I’ve known

Fading haunt
This dream is over
I don’t mind
the patience of dying slow

Endless nights
Deception and rage
I don’t mind
paying your price instead

Abandon it all for you
for what I’ve known
Track Name: The Destroying Angel
Christened flame
You’ve captured my heart
All suffering will end

Death of the sun
and the morning after
Tears won’t stay your fate

Alive by my hand
I take yours in mine
Our love will know no fear

Steel of the gun
and the morning will come
When the victors clean the slate

Crooked smiles, deceptive and snide
Decay looks fondly on the weak

Tomorrow will come
when the beggars bleed
No prayer for human bait

Alive by my hand
I take yours in mine
Your love will surely bend

Steel of the gun
and the morning will come
When this light comes to an end
Track Name: American Carnage
Hollow faces stare
Her body alone on the riverside
Bruised in the naked sun
Breeding life like flies

Blood in the cold light
A stranger standing for nothing
We’ve felt this pain for too long
The prison of silence

Open sky
Your sanctuary
I return this tragic skin
Pale in the naked sun
Love sinks deeper in the light of day
Blood spills cleaner anyway

I crawl into your arms
A vacancy
I let you die
We’ve felt this pain for too long
A prison for the last time
Track Name: The Severing
I sever the needless
I unleash this fury
Hesitation of the weak
Distorted human fallacy

I embrace this vision
I sever the common name
Manifest this slaughter
Your breathing dead end
Track Name: You Were The Future Once
Track Name: Mantis
Lay claim to the young
To kill the first born
Rites of passage
for the unsung

Fathers will die
Their faces, butchered and flayed
The pain we feel
will don the future of heaven

The time is set
Misery by no other name

Lust for divinity
Castrate your humility
and choke on your confession

Mothers devour their young
Gorging on the slain
And every pain you feel
will don the future of heaven

Misery by no greater name

Souls will burn
Their faces, butchered and flayed
The joy we feel
will don the future of heaven

Misery by no greater name
Track Name: Return To Nothing
Ashes in your mouth
Florid decay of the universal state
Targets of sacrifice
Ritual matricide
We return to you

Blood of the abyss
Sovereign hold of the untamed

A feast for famine
A beast of all plagues
We return to you

Blood of the only son

A feast for famine
A beast of all plagues
We return to you
when the stillness of black remains